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Resources To Help You Sell Your House Fast

We’ve compiled some resources on this page to help you sell your house fast or save you from foreclosure. We work with home owners every day who need to sell their house but can’t do it the traditional route through a real estate agent… and people going through foreclosure. So, use us as a resource too. We’d be glad to answer your questions, help you better understand your options, and walk you through how our “home buying” service works… where we’ll make you a fair no-obligation, no-hassle offer. It’s simple, straightforward, and just may be perfect for you.

Check out these resources and links below…

How Selling Your House To A Real Estate Investor Stacks Up Against Your Other Options

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So, you need to sell your house. Selling in a market like today’s can sometimes be
frustrating. With so many other houses on the market it gives buyers out there more
choices… and often times sellers can wait 3, 6, 12+ months to sell their house for a
price they feel is fair.

This brief guide will walk you through the decision process to help you decide what’s
best for you. Do you go the traditional route and work with a real estate agent, sell it
yourself (For Sale By Owner), or work with a real estate investment company?

How to Stop and Avoid Foreclosure in Today’s Market

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This Guide Aims To Help You

  • Navigate the foreclosure process
  • Discover all of your options
  • Find the solution or solutions that may help you stop or avoid your foreclosure
  • And gain control over your foreclosure situation from here on out

Why Renter House Buying Power is the Key to Understanding Housing Affordability

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With unadjusted house prices recently eclipsing their 2006 housing boom peak, housing affordability is a
concern in the industry and for potential home buyers. Existing home owners, by definition, can afford one so,
when we are speaking about housing affordability, it is really a conversation about first-time home buyers.

Comprehensive Real Estate Seller’s Guide

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By listing for sale by owner, you only stand to save 2.5-3% of the listing price. Contrast that with the 10% average offer price increase an agency represented listing will receive, and a picture emerges of it costing more money to save money.

When a buyer’s agent represents a buyer, they are increasing their workload and their liability, so they’re almost never willing to simply cut their commission in half. They’re not going to negotiate on your behalf to get you a better price.

Comprehensive Real Estate Buyer’s Guide

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Home ownership is one of the largest obligations you can place on yourself, and with it comes a slew of costs and responsibilities. Before you go out and start hunting for a home, you need to make sure that you’re ready!